LPWAN miniUNI Contact IP65

LPWAN miniUNI Contact device has been designed for different tasks where digital input status detection is required.

Datasheet download: miniUNI_ContactIP65_EN

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Kód: LR-MU-CON-IP65 SF-MU-CON-IP65 NB-MU-CON-IP65 Zvolte variantu
2 090 Kč
Kategorie: Safe&Security

The contact device contains open collector inputs with both rising and falling edge detection. The device is in deep
sleep after message transmission and can be woke up by status changing on one or more monitored inputs .
The contact device has up to 5 inputs – based on FW and customer requirement. Beside status change detection,
there is also periodic mode available which is capable to send actual input status in the payload.
The device is battery operated and battery lifetime has been optimized by selection of high quality and ultra-low
power components. 5+ year between battery replacement can be expected with 6 messages per day. Enclosure is
made of high-quality ABSplastic and has been designed to meet IP65. The device can be delivered in IP68 protection on demand, as for details before order.

• General purpose digital inputs check
• Open/close doors, windows
• Simple flood detection
• Alarm information check

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