LPWAN Weather station (temperature, humidity, rainfall, speed and direction of wind)

LPWAN Weather station is dedicated to weather monitoring and smart agricultural projects where periodical
measurement of weather condition is required.



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6 670 Kč

This device is scalable and can be equipped with different sensors and can be delivered in two different form factors – miniUNI in standard Solidus Tech IP65 box or microUNI in radiation shield. The weather station is available for different LPWAN networks, today we support Sigfox (all bands),
LoRaWAN and NBIoT. Following sensors can are available:

• Thermometer for air temperature
• Humidity meter for air relative humidity
• Wind speed
• Wind direction


• Temperature and relative humidity
measurement indoor
• Rain volume – irrigation optimization
• Meteorology – weather models
• Smart agricultural models
• Long term weather trends monitoring

Datasheet download: miniUNI_WeatherStation_EN

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