MiniUni - Teploměr pro měření teplot -80°C až -120°C

LPWANminiUNI PT100 device has been designed for very low temperaturemeasurement in pharmaceutic industry
where keeping cures and vaccinas in deep freeze is high demanding. The device was optimized to achieve best
precision for temperatures -100 to 0°C and can be easily used for checking storage and transportation temperature
for Covid-19 vaccinas.

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MiniUNI PT100 is designed for PT100 kind of probe, however can be extended up to 2 probes. The device is  battery operated and battery lifetime has been optimized by selection of high quality and ultra-low power components. 5+ yearbetween battery replacement can be  expected with 6 messages per day. Enclosure is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has been designed to meet IP65. The device can be delivered in IP68 protection on demand, ask for details before order. For best accuracy, calibration constants can be inserted to compensate non linearity of PT100 at temperatures below -60°C.

• Pharmaceutic industry cure/vaccinas storage
• Cure/vaccinas transportation temperature report
• Quick periodic check of temperature – warning about colling/freezing device failure or malfunction