LPWAN DIN ModBus/RS485 device has been designed for interconnection with different ModBus/RS485 devices such as electric meters, industry water meters or calory meters. Generally customer can connect also various RS485 probes which can be adopted by sufficient FW. Originally this device was created for cooperation with INEPRO electric meters both 1 phase or 3 phases, however it can be adopted to any other ModBus equipment if ModBus register structure is described.
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Category: Smart metering

ModBus/RS485 device is available in a housing suitable for DIN rail mount. It’s intended to indoor installation with IP20 protection. User can connect the device very easy to ModBus equipment just over A and B wire and the device is powered directly from 230V. Modification for battery power is available too. Due to Sigfox message length limitation, we provide only fundamental parameters from connected electric meter. Other technologies can work with much longer messages and user can define registers which are interested for him.

• Electrical energy measurement
• Invoicing for electric energy consumption
• Critical energy consumption monitoring

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