LPWAN miniUNI Truebner SMT100

LPWAN miniUNI Truebner SMT100 device has been designed for soil moisture, temperature and permittivity measurement by integrating outstanding Truebner SMT100 probe over SDI-12 interface.





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Category: Agriculture

MiniUNI Truebner SMT100 is designed for 1 SMT100 probe, however can be extended with more probes with different address as SDI-12 interface allows. Of course this can be done for the technologies where payload length is not limited to few bytes (e.g. Sigfox). We recommend using LoRaWAN or NBIoT technology for multiple probes solution. The device is battery operated and battery lifetime has been optimized by selection of high-quality and ultra low power components. 5+ year between battery replacement can be expected with 6 messages per day. Enclosure is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has been designed to meet IP65. The device can be delivered in IP68 protection on demand, as for details before order.

• Irrigation systems
• Soil monitoring
• Agricultural prediction model data source

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