LPWAN Temperature & Air Humidity IP65/IP20

LPWAN Environmental device has been designed for indoor air quality monitoring and can be delivered in various combination of air quality sensors:
✓ Thermometer
✓ Humidity meter for air relative humidity
✓ Air pressure (optional)



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Code: 582/NB-MU-TH-IP65 LOR-MU-TH-IP65 SIG-MU-TH-IP65 Choose variant
Category: Agriculture

The device is battery operated and battery lifetime has been optimized by selection of high-quality and ultra low power components. 5+ year between battery replacement can be expected. Enclosure is made of high-quality ABB plastic and has been designed to meet high demanding interior requirements. Front panel is made in high bright surface. IP65 boxes are available in gray, black or white color.

• Air quality monitoring in public buildings, such as schools, offices etc.
• Air condition optimization
• Wall mold prevention
• Persons presence detection

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