MiniUni – RFID reader – optional 2 or 4 buttons

LPWAN RFID Reader is battery operated tag/card reader of MiFare 13.56MHz standard and has been developed for simple attendance system where easy installation is required. The reader contains 4 buttons and by pressing one of them, the reader wakes up from deep sleep and waits for RFID identification. Then the message with button ID and RFID is sent to an application. 4 buttons means 4 different stories behind.



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LPWAN RFID Reader is designed for multiple purposes of human presence supervision and during 4 years of production we delivered this device to different areas of business e.g. facility management, social and health care, mobile/island work attendance system at construction industry, hospitals etc. Front panel is fully customized and different icons or labels can be designed upon request.
Built in thermometer and humidity meters allows to extend purpose of the RFID Reader where simple environmental monitoring is required. RFID Reader contains accelerometer as replacement of anti-theft tamper contact.

• Work attendance system
• Cleaning service supervision
• Helath and social care management
• Hotel cleaning and maintenance management

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