MiniUni – S0 pulse counter with optocoupler, 2 batteries

LPWAN miniUNI Counter device has been designed for different tasks where pulse counting over S0 interface is required.



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Category: Smart metering

The counter contains optocoupler and source of external power for connected device e.g. electric meter. The device is capable to measure pulse length and decide if the pulse is valid or not. There are different parameters configurable remotely, beside pulse length detection the user can configure sleep time or critical trigger levels for achievement of certain volume of counted pulses.

The counter has 1 input which is optimized for interfacing with most of the electric meter on the market. Each S0 interface must be powered properly, there is nominal 7.2V available for this purpose from our device. The device is battery operated and battery lifetime has been optimized by selection of high-quality and ultra low power components. 5+ year between battery replacement can be expected with 3 messages per day. Enclosure is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has been designed to meet IP65. The device can be delivered in IP68 protection on demand, as for details before order.


• S0 electric meter counter

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