NBIoT IrrigationController

NBIoT IrrigationController was developed for controlling of various latch valves used in smart agricultural projects.



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This is battery operated device – up to 2 LS33600 batteries can be used with total capacity 34Ah to ensure long interval between battery replacement. The device is operated in NBIoT eDRX mode which means that during operation it remains semi on-line and requests for turning on or off the valves is processed within 40s at latest. This feature is sometimes called paging and the device permanently scans whether the downlink request is present. The power consumption is very low during paging operation and it’s 280uAh only which means that it can survive couple of years with declared batteries – depends also on frequency of requests, number of connected valves etc.

Main features of NBIoT Irrigation Controller:
• 8 channels available/8 latch valves can be controlled
• Selectable driving voltage: 6V, 9V, 12V
• Interface for pulse counting
• Interface for water meter
• SDI-12 interface on demand
• SMA antenna/external antenna
• IP67 housingCamendBoss with multihole glands
• Configurable scenarios for on/off the valves
• Auto off all valves if communication is lost
• Keep alive, acknowledgement and alarm messages
• Opened for integration to present irrigation systems
• Energy saving in PSM mode during off season

• Irrigation control
• Irrigation optimization

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