LPWAN SDI-12/ModBus Cloud Logger

The LPWAN SDI-12/ModBus Cloud Logger has been designed as multipurpose device for projects covering area of smart agriculture.


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Category: Agriculture
Lpwan ModBus 1
New Tip

The device is equipped with SDI-12 and RTU ModBus interfaces which are mostly present on various agricultural probes. With single device and universal FW, user can cover many different demands for measuring various combination of values on the field. There is up to 8 physical connectors slots for SDI-12 and ModBus probes which allows to achieve indeed very comprehensive combinations of important data collection.
The device is dedicated to NBIoT network and is capable to send relatively large amount of data within one message – up to 400B. LoRaWAN version is available too, however the performance of entire device is limited by the network capability and maximum 36 bytes can be transferred over single message.

• SDI-12 interface
• RTU ModBus interface
• Selectable probe voltage: 5V, 9V, 12V
• IP68 protection
• Goretex pressure balancer
• Simple configuration over UART or downlink
• Battery operated – 17000mAh battery
• 2 selectable form factors
• Optional external probe power
• Continuous or switching power possible

• Smart agricultural
• General interface for SDI-12 and RTU ModBus devices

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